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Hazard Identification

Market Process - Analysis of Hazards

Our markets tend to operate along similar lines and this analysis is generic.
Burning Candles Damage to property or person. N Open flames on candles should be located away from flamable materials and not left unattended. Stallholder, manager on site
Car movements, sometimes of the year in darkness Damage to property or person. N Car lights on if dark, hazard lights on at all times while moving around the market, 5k speed limit, no radio, open window, managers to wear high viz jackets, notice of traffic rules by office to new traders. Stallholder, manager on site, office
Lifting, carrying, pulling Strain Y Prohibition on lifting, carrying or pulling weights greater that 20 kilos. Self responsibility & signage
Provision of electricity Shock N Tagging, protection from water in wet weather, use of RCDs. As per Safework Australia - 'Managing Electrical Risks in the Workplace'. Stallholder, manager on site
Use of power cables Trip Y Locate out of walking areas or mat and/or string wires (over 2.4 meters high). Stallholder, Manager on site
Cooking Burns N Limit number of gas bottles to two, provision of fire blanket/appropriate fire extinguisher on stalls, location of equipment out of public reach. Stallholder, manager on site
Warming/Boiling Burns N Location of equipment out of public reach, warning signs 'Hot Surface", shields or guards. Stallholder, manager on site
Cash handling Personal injury N Discretion by those handling cash and removal of cash in public places. Stallholders, managers on site
Working out of doors Melanoma, chills and heat stress N Sunscreen, hats, appropriate clothes. Employer to provide or bear cost. Stallholders, managers on site, office
Working out of doors in ultra high temperatures (38 degrees+) Rising body temperature can result in heat illness N Do not undertake heavy physical work. Drink water regularly (employer to bear cost). Remove excess cloths. Stay out of the sun. Stallholders, managers on site, employees
Wind Personal injury N Weights on tents - equivalent of 20k per leg. If wind exceeds 40k per hour remove tops. If wind exceeds 60 k per hour abandon market. Stallholders, managers on site
Moving around site Tripping/narrow passages N Witches hats on trip points, removal of a-boards at narrow points, remove of litter and boxes in alleys Stallholders, managers on site
Emptying Bins Strain N Always have two to lift bins. If heavy leave to contractor. Managers on site
Needles Stick N Use pick up sticks, gloves. Dispose of in sharps container. Stallholders, managers on site
Food purchasing Food poisoning N Compliance by stallholders with food hygiene rules including temperature control, sampling management and personal hygiene. Training - nominated Food Safety Certificate holder for stall. Stallholders, managers on site
Emergency evacuation Crush N Keep alleyways clear, gates open. Identify meeting point some distance from site. Manager on site
Monitoring toilets Slipping/hepatitis N Non-slip soles, gloves, suitable cleaning materials. Manager on site (equipment to be provided by office)
Accident incident Personal injury N First aid as soon as possible. Ambulance called where appropriate. Accident/incident report completed and forwarded to office as soon as possible. Trained first responder at each site. Manager on site, office
Bomb/terrorism Personal injury from event or evacuation N Notify police on suspicion of package or person, ask customers to leave site. Immediately follow evacuation plan. Manager on site
Crowds Crush N Close market entry if crowds become a hazard Manager on site
Damage to site property Damage to property N If damaged property represents a hazard isolate it. Prepare an incident report and forward to office as soon as possible. Manager on site
Children using playground equipment Personal injury N First response. Call emergency services if incident appears serious. Advise parents. Manager on site
Lost children Distress N Calm child and make public announcement. Keep child in single location if possible. Manager on site
Potential Assault Personal Injury N Ensure that all potential weapons such as knives are kept out of sight and out of reach of the public. Do not engage the assailant. Notify the police 000 and the market manager. Stall holder


Brief description of the activity
Identify the hazard that could cause harm to a person, job, materials or the environment
Y = yes, N = no
Precautions or actions needed to eliminate or minimize the risk using substitution, isolation, engineering, administration or personal protective equipment in that order of preference.
Role who will ensure the control is implemented.